Don't Let Mold Grow Into a Big Problem

Safe, professional mold removal in Lithia Springs, GA and Atlanta, GA

When mold begins to grow in your house or office, it's important to handle it as soon as you can. Removing mold quickly can help you avoid further damage, increased health risks and higher restoration costs down the line.

If your home or business is dealing with mold, trust Quick-Serv Water Fire & Mold LLC to clean up the mess. Mold removal in Lithia Springs, GA, and Atlanta, GA is just a phone call away. You can get in touch with an experienced member of our crew at your convenience.

How to safely remove mold

How to safely remove mold

Mold cleanup is a delicate process, but with the right tools and knowledge, a dependable technician can do it safely and quickly. Our mold removal and cleanup process involves:

  • Inspecting the potentially affected areas
  • Removing mold carefully from any surface
  • Using air scrubbers to clean mold particles from the air
  • Cleaning up all materials and leaving your space looking like we were never there

If you need mold cleanup in Lithia Springs, GA, and Atlanta, GA look no further than Quick-Serv Water Fire & Mold. Email us now to set up a service call.