Certified Asbestos Removal

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Asbestos was widely used in buildings constructed prior to the 1980's. Though asbestos has many beneficial properties with regards to construction and insulation etc., studies have proved that inhaling asbestos fibers can cause serious and even irreversible respiratory health problems because being exposed to asbestos fibers could lead to fatal illnesses. If asbestos is found in your building where demolition or construction work is to occur, it is highly recommended that you have professional certified asbestos removals to do the job. Quick Serv is ready for any asbestos removal job in the state of Georgia.

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Asbestos can be found in many areas of construction, it was widely used as boiler pipe insulation, blown ceiling insulation, in ceiling tiles, plaster, floor tiles, siding, etc. In addition, in large industrial buildings, asbestos was widely used on beams, columns, pipes, wall partitions, gutters and roofing. If you are purchasing an older home or industrial space, it is important to have it checked for asbestos so as to not get exposed unexpectedly.

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